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IMTS, The International Manufacturing Technology Show, is one of the largest trade shows in North America. While working at AMT, I had the opportunity to work on the ad campaign for the 2022 show. This was the first time the advertising for the event had been done in house and I was to lead the design project. 
This was one of the biggest projects I had worked on and certainly the biggest project I had led. We had an initial meeting where many of the great industry minds came up with this idea of FIND at IMTS. Find Me/Us would show the prominent people in the industry) and Find IT would show off the cool and innovative technology that would be at IMTS. I wanted to make these designs differeent from the regular manufacturing style ads. Lots of companies in the industry are not bold with their designs and have very basic, old-school, and plain ads. I used bold color, aggressive typography, and high quality imagery to draw in the viewer. This strategy was significantly different from anything AMT had done in the past. 

My designs helps us win 4 NYX Gold Awards for this campaign.

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