I created this logo during my graphic design internship with Prison Fellowship Ministries. Prison Fellowship is a non-profit focused on sharing the gospel message with prisoners and their families. In this role, I was tasked with creating a new logo to represent a national subsidiary program of Prison Fellowship, Angel Tree Camping. My designs were chosen to represent national Prison Fellowship Programs through a competition with the other designers on staff. (The form and box were created by Prison Fellowship's design team but are included to showcase how my design was used).

My Process
For this logo, I wanted to create something that emphasized the journey and explorational aspects of camp. My initial designs were fun but did not include a concept like this one. As I explored ways that I could symbolize exploration, I decided to combine two of the concepts that I had. One had mountains and the other the path. Putting them together was able to create a complete concept showing both the journey and the destination that are integral to the camp experience. This project reminded me that design is a process the best designs may take time. 
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