Stage 3 Tours is an adventure travel company that specializes in luxury car expeditions. If you were to book a tour with Stage 3, you would be provided with a selection of high end performance vehicles to choose from that you can take on a week long adventure. During your journey, you can push that car to the limits of speed and performance on world renown tracks around the globe and on the open road. The branding style is meant to be bold and luxurious to match the personalities of the high end sports cars featured. 

My Process

The goal of this project was to create a logo and branding scheme for a travel company in my branding class at George Mason University. The logo is meant to represent travel with the suitcase design. The simple car silhouette, also depicted in the logo, lets you imagine your own dream car in that position. During the creation of this brand, I was able to create this graphic standards guide to show how the logo should be used, along with two subsidiary brands called Trackless (an off-road adventure travel company), and Rooster Tours (a motorcycle adventure travel company). During the course of this project, I was able to focus on creating a detailed branding scheme and to apply that scheme to company collateral materials.
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