Description: These ads were created to represent Stage 3 Tours in a travel magazine. The top two ads are scaled to be full page magazine advertisements, while the bottom ad is a half page advertisement. One add had to be black and white while the others would be full color. 

My Process: These ads were meant to show the luxury style of the cars and adventures that could be experienced. They also needed to show that the customers would get to drive these cars on the road and explore them in the every day world as well as have some fun on the track. The advertisements are united by the typography treatments as well as the photography styles. I wanted to express different aspects of the trip within each ad. The first shows how the experience is about more than the cars with the beautiful scenery and travel. The second ad shows that the customers will be able to push these cars to the limit on the track. The last ad shows that you will actually get to explore with these high performance cars in the real world. 

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