I had an idea for the application SoundHog, an app to aid users in discovering new music and artists. I created this application because I have struggled to find new music and have heard others discussing this same issue. With this app, people can discover, share, and enjoy new or local music that would be difficult to find using other applications. 

My Process
I began with research and finding ways to collect data on potential users. I shared surveys across all my social media accounts and interviewed potential stakeholders to get a better understanding of what they might want this app to do. Next, I developed sketches of my application that I turned into rough wireframes to get a sense of usable design options. Then, I performed user testing to see if there were gaping holes in the functionality of the app. Once all that research had been conducted, I was able to focus on designing an app that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional. I created a functioning prototype located in the link below. This application taught me how to design people first. If a design is aesthetically pleasing but not functional then it is not good design. 

Link to Prototype
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