In my studies at GMU, I took a UX/UI Design class. I created the application SoundHog, which is an app to aid users in discovering new music and artists. I created this application because I saw this need for my own personal reasons but I have also heard people talking about how they struggle to find new music. 

My Process
This project taught me how to properly research and build such a complex project. I began with researching and collecting data on potential users. I shared surveys across all my social media accounts and interviewed potential stakeholders in person to get a better understanding of what they want this app to do. Next, I developed sketches of my application layout that I turned into rough wireframes and simple designs. Then, I performed user testing to see if there were gaping holes in the functionality of the app. Once all that research had been conducted, I was able to focus on designing an app that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. I built the app all the way to the prototyping stage which is located within the link below. 

Link to Prototype
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