Description: During my advanced illustration class at George Mason University, I created this poster to raise awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The poster was shared around the GMU campus and meant to encourage people to stay home during the pandemic. The picture depicts comical Pac Man style characters that have chosen to enjoy activities at home instead of going out. The poster shows that there are a variety of tasks that can be done and enjoyed at home to encourage people to stay home during this dangerous time.

My Process: For the project, I had the creative freedom to design and illustrate anything I desired, as long as it had an encouraging message about the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to create an illustration that would lighten the mood around the virus as this was a stressful time for everyone. This poster uses comical video game style characters meant to influence the actions of those who view it. The goal would be to encourage people to hang out at home and to do things indoors. 
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