I created this logo during my graphic design internship with Prison Fellowship Ministries. Prison Fellowship is a non-profit focused on sharing the gospel message with prisoners and their families. In this role, I was tasked with creating a new logo to represent a subsidiary program of Prison Fellowship, Angel Tree Bowling. My design was chosen to represent the national Prison Fellowship program via a competition where other designers on staff also submitted designs (The video included was not done by me but my PFM's design team, I included it to showcase the logo being used).

My Process
The bowling logo is meant to be simple and interactive with the type. The logo also needed to carry on a style consistent with the previous PF sports logos. I decided to include a bowling pin dynamically intertwined with the type which is a common theme among other PF sports logos. The tilt and overlapping of images gives the logo an illusion of motion. This logo is part of an overall logo group for several sports clinics put on by Prison Fellowship. I was able to create a logo that was unique, yet remained cohesive with other logos of Prison Fellowship Ministries. 
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